We’ve had a lot of questions lately about installing a set of hood vents on your Jeep XJ Cherokee or MJ Comanche. We sell a lot of the Lebaron/New Yorker hood vents and it seems like customers are always wanting install directions sent to them. So with that said, we’ve decided to put together a Hood Vent Install FAQ.

Install can be done with the hood on the Jeep still, or with the hood removed. We’ve done it both ways, and each have their pros/cons. For the majority of this install we’ll refer to doing it with the hood off. This procedure is done on a XJ/MJ Hood; however the basic practice can be done on your YJ/TJ/ZJ/WJ/JK etc. We’ve had great luck using them on many different models!

I stripped the hood of the material on the inside, and removed my engine light.

I than placed some tape in the area I was going to be working in. I did not want to scratch the hood (yes it’s the inside but still…). This would also allow me to draw my lines where I needed to cut.

I than placed the vents where I thought they looked and fit best.

I than placed the vent on the hood, and traced it with a pen.

Now, you’ll NOT want to cut on these lines, as if I did I would of cut to big of a hole. I measered aprox 3/8″ inside of this line and drew another line.

I also decided that since I was going to be cutting from the backside, I probally should place some tape on the other side to help prevent chipping.

We have found that a jigsaw with a nice metal blade works the best.

And both sides cutout

I had to make up some brackets. I ended up using 1/2 x 3/4 angle, and aprox 1.5″ long. I than drilled a hole in the center of the 3/4 side for the bolt. I used stainless hardware, to prevent rusting in the future.

One side installed.

Both installed, a view from the top.

And than re-installed the hood.


As stated prior we’ve also done the install on the Jeep without removing the hood. Very similar procedure;


Results? We’ve been very happy with the results. It helps keep the under-hood temperatures down quite a bit. This is especially helpful on those hot days your out wheeling and not a lot of air is going past your radiator due to a slow crawl. One of the biggest questions we get is what do you do about water? We’re happy to report that after 5+ years of running the vents we’ve had no damage to our motor/wiring due to any water. Many of our Jeep here at Motion are to “big” to fit into our garages and sit outside 365 days a year. No issues to report to date.

Interested in getting a set of hood vents? We sell there HERE.




Track Bar Relocation Brackets from JKS Manufacturing permanently correct geometry of the rear track bar following the installation of a CV-type driveshaft. The bolt-on bracket realigns the mounting point on the axle with the track bar and eliminates the binding problem caused by the rotated axle housing. As a result, the track bar and its bushings are returned to a neutral position and unwanted stresses are relieved from the mounting points.

Our Relocation Brackets also raise the mounting point on the axle to reduce track bar operating angles and minimize side-to-side axle movement. This improves vehicle stability on lifted vehicles at higher speeds and helps keep the axle centered beneath the chassis at all times. A heavy, steel crush-proof sleeve fits inside the factory bracket to ensure maximum torque can be applied to the mounting hardware without risk of loosening or distortion over time.

Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty reinforcement bracket mounts directly to factory track bar bracket on axle housing
  • Angled design corrects rear track bar geometry on lifted vehicles that have rotated axle housing or CV-type driveshaft
  • Relocated mounting point tilts forward to eliminate binding and premature bushing wear
  • Premium steel construction is laser cut, formed and folded for maximum strength
  • Economical bolt-on solution minimizes risk of track bar failure on the trail

More Info Available Here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_30_233&products_id=2757

Bushwacker’s new Flat Fender flares for Jeep YJ Wranglers set the standard for flat-fenders in style, function, and durability. The newly designed flare offers more clearance for taller, wider tires by eliminating the factory flare’s overhang and extending a full six inches from the body. Made of extreme-duty TPO plastic that’s more durable and flexible than ABS, the flares are guaranteed not to sag like urethane flares, or chalk like factory flares. Plus, they’re the only flat-fender flares to include a DOT side marker light and reflector, keeping your Jeep street legal. And the fit and finish is outstanding, making them the best looking and best designed flares on the market. If you’ve got a Jeep YJ, check out Bushwacker’s new flares today!


  • Adds additional coverage, great for large wheel and tire packages
  • Includes 50-state legal LED marker light!
  • Easy No-Drill installation process
  • 100% UV protection. No chalking, No cracking, No warping
  • Extreme TPO material gives maximum durability and flexibility
  • OEM matte black finish, or easily custom painted to match or accent any vehicle

Check them out at MotionOffroad.com here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=51_350_85&products_id=2703

We’ve just taken shipment of more Surco inventory! Due to the popular demand of the 45″ x 60″ and the constant request for additional sizes we’ve now started to carry the full Surco Roof Rack & Accessories for the rack’s in stock!

We’ve had great luck with our Surco roof racks over the past few years. These Surco Safari basket racks mount to your factory roof rack, multi-rack system, or rain gutters, and allow you to store cargo more securely. Features include durable 3/4 in. square aluminum tubing construction (NO RUST!), a black powdercoat finish, a sturdy aluminum floor, and an easy installation with no drilling required.

Checkout our expanded line of Surco products here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=index&manufacturers_id=51

Due to the popularity of our JK radio mounts we’ve now got them available for the TJ! Easily mount a CB radio in your TJ Wrangler. The easiest TJ Wrangler CB mount to install on the market! Can be mounted and ready within 10 minutes. Allows you to store your CB up out of the way without obstructing the view of the rearview mirror. Mounts to windshield using existing holes. A right angle coax adapter is also supplied so the CB can be mounted as close to the windshield as possible. Will work with hard or soft top. High quality stainless steel construction. Designed to work with smaller radio’s like our Cobra 19 Ultra III CB. Lazer cut and precision bent for a perfect fit every time. Fits all model TJ’s from 1997-2006. MADE IN THE USA!

More information and photo’s can be found here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=304&products_id=2545


Finally available! You’ve asked for them, we’ve delivered! Works great in a SOA application!

These springs are factory replacement stock 4wd springs and mount under the axle just like the originals. They will give no lift over stock. They have 3 leaves plus the 1 overload leafs (3+1 style) and are equipped with O.E.M. type rubber bushings. These ONLY fit the MJ Comanche’s (will not fit the XJ) and fit both the SWB and LWB models. We have these made for us in the USA to our specs! Backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Sold as a set (2 leafs).

More Info Here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_26_332&products_id=2542


  • Fits 84-01 Jeep XJ Cherokee models ONLY.
  • Adds approximately 1″-1.5″ of lift.
  • Longer rear shocks are recommended.
  • A taller coil or coil spacers in the front are recommended to level the vehicle.
  • Exhaust modifications may be required for adequate clearance of the shackle bracket.


  • Fine tune the rear suspension of your XJ.
  • Places shackle in optimum location for maximum articulation.
  • Allows for greater articulation off-road.

Kit Contents:

  • Rear: Frame brackets, shackle brackets and hardware.

Install Video:

Available from MotionOffroad.com here: http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=13_27&products_id=2537